SPOT - A-DOOR-ABLE Bouncing Mouse
Clip the hanger on any door and watch the action. The adjustable elastic string keeps this mouse bouncing for more fun. The mouse is perfectly sized at 7" long. This is Buzzy's personal favorite.
Your cats will love this one. It comes with corrugated cardboard that has the feel of nature and has holes that allows cats to sink their nails into the scratcher. It is at an angle which cats love. It comes with Cosmic Catnip which cats go crazy over and keeps them coming back and away from your furniture. It also comes with a toy Mouse hanging in the circular opening to keep kitty entertained.
If you have never tried this one, it's a must. The simplest cat toy, but one of the best. Cats go crazy over this one especially the way it moves.
COSMIC - Kitty Herbs
Buzzy & Katies's choice for a must have (besides the catnip and mice). These seeds easily grow within five days to create a feast for your cats. Excellent for indoor cats that crave those wholesome grains and garden greens. Keep your cats away from your valuable plants with these plants that they prefer. 4 oz. package.
COSMIC PET - 100% Pure Catnip
An all time favorite to entice and excite your cats. Great to use on cat scratching posts or on their favorite toys. A must for all cats. 1 oz. Resealable Tub.
DR. NOY'S - Refillable CatNip Toy
Carrot toy with a real feather top. This toy has a velcro opening that holds a catnip pouch inside for your cat's enjoyment. Total length including the feathers is nine inches. A definite pleaser.
Cat toys don't have to have real fur to be fun. The secret ingredient in this one is a teensy rattle and high-test organic catnip inside.
Feather Balls
Two of your cat's favorites in one toy. A ball with feathers! Watch your cat hit and carry these around.
Feather Dangler
Watch your cat leap and dance for this one. 18" rod with large colorful feathers attached to the end of the string. Great interactive toy for you and your cat.
This 18" rod comes with a peacock tail feather and marabou feathers with reflective mylar that is sure to catch your cats eye.
Toy Shoppe Fishing Rod and Reel Cat Toy
Cast out the mouse and see what you can cat-ch. Great interactive toy that you both can enjoy.
Hours of fun for you and your cats. Project the laser beam "dot" on walls and around the room and watch the cats go nuts. They never get tired of chasing the "dot". Very entertaining for all. Three watch batteries included.
Real Fur Mice
These adorable mice are a total of 6 inches long. Lots of real fur fun. One of Katie and Buzzy's favorites.
SPOT - Micro Mouse
Remote control micro mini racer. Fun for the whole family as you race this mouse around and watch the cats go crazy. Remote has forward, reverse, left and right. Recharges in only 45 seconds.
TOY SHOPPE - Furry Mice
An all time favorite that you cats will love to pounce, toss, hide and carry around. Made with real fur. The body is 2" long with a 3" tail. (12 in a package)


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